Artist? For heaven's sake. You have to ask other people about that. I try to avoid any appearance of seriousness therefore creating as much variety as possible. I`m interested in a lot of different things.

Born 1962 in Germany with family roots in the Balkans. Schooltime was followed by several jobs from kitchen aid to assembly hand. One day I managed to get a BA diploma in business. After a couple of years as a consultant in a PR agency I became Press Spokesman for a global machine manufacturer, followed by twenty years as a freelancing consultant and journalist.

As a student of famous bassist Peter Sonntag, I play the electric bass for local bands and the renowned Aachen-based tribute formation "Invisible Touch", where I regularly let off steam on stages across Europe. "Without music, life would be a mistake", as old Nietzsche rightly said.

And the painting thing? In 1996 a dubious US citizen on the Greek island of Santorini slipped me a couple of crayons. I should try that, he said. 25 years later, my oeuvre comprises dozens of mid-format paintings, most of them in pastel chalk and acrylic. My pictures may not be examples for fine craftmanship. There are millions of artists out there with higher precision and better technique. But I don´t care. I am more interested in telling little stories.

I like 'Appropriation Art' and use scenes and characters that you already know from other contexts. But these are neither copies nor fakes, just tributes to other artists who have influenced me, such as Carl Barks, Chuck Jones, Matt Groening, Don Martin or Bernd Pfarr. Don`t look out for a deeper meaning. Painting is a personal, meditative journey inwards. And that`s it. You like my paintings? Good. You don´t like 'em ? Good.